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Howard Duville

Howard is the shy and soft-spoken father of Phil and Lil. Yet when somebody is on Howard's bad side you better watch out.

Betty Duville

Betty is the loud sometimes obnoxious mother of Phil and Lil, could be at times like thier father.

Angelica Pickles

Angelica is a little brat of a cousin, to Tommy that is. Angelica is the one that the puts the group in alot of danger.

DiDi Pickles

DiDi is the loving mother of Tommy, she is fun and also can be very frantic. She is one to follow rules in books for child care other than in her heart.

This is Boris and Minka, DiDi's mom and dad.

Stu Pickles

Stu is the kooky inventive father of Tommy. He is usually found down in the basement working on his new toy.

Spike is the Pickle's family dog.

Chuckie Finster

Chuckie is one worry after worry kind of guy, a real coward. Yet, one of my favorite.

This is Tommy's grandpa and Stu's dad.

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