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About My ICQ Personal World Wide Pager:
You may send me real-time messages from any computer connected
to the Internet!

This message will reach me, and pop up on my screen, if I am online - immediately;
or if I am offline - as soon as I log on to the Internet.

In order to send me a message use the following link:
Bryan's ICQ Personal ICQ World Wider Pager is:

If you wish to have your own personal pager, which will enable you to
send and RECEIVE messages, files and URL's, to see if your friends and
associates are online on the net and to communicate with them directly,
press below to download ICQ

If you have Windows 95, Windows NT 4 or Windows 3.x:
Click here to download ICQ

MAC, JAVA: If you wish to be informed in the future at the release of our Macintosh or Java, please click on the appropriate version.


The ICQ program overcame the main obstacle that prohibited the Internet from becoming
a truly real-time, two way, interactive, person-to-person global communication system.

The ICQ program enables you to "dial" anyone on the Net at your discretion, without
having to make any prior arrangements with him or her. In fact, the recipient of the call
needs only to install this program. There after, He or she will always, when on the Internet,
be alerted when you are contacting him/her. The program will indicate to you, who of
your list of designated frequent contacts, is logged-in at any given point in time, ready to
receive Internet communications.

With ICQ you can initiate communication with anyone on the Internet at anytime, be
it by text, voice, graphics, video or games. You can even send entire URLs. Messages
are delivered directly to the recipient's computer, without the need for downloading.
If the recipient is "logged in", he or she can respond immediately and open a direct
line of communication with you. If not, your message will be saved and be made
available to the recipient as soon as he or she comes on line.

No longer will you search in vain for friends or associates on the net. ICQ does the
searching for you, alerting you in real time when they sign on, thus eliminating the
need to conduct a directory search each time you want to communicate with a
specific person.

ICQ runs in the background and allows you to work and play on other applications
while keeping track of incoming messages as well as the log-in status of your
Internet associates.

PAGING WORLD WIDE: Until you install the ICQ program you can still page
me through the WWW by the ICQ World Wide Pager, using the following link:

DOWNLOADING: If you wish you can download a copy of the program or for more
information regarding ICQ, see our homepage at

ICQ Network Administrator