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Good Friends Having A Good Time

Bryan, Amanda, Sara & Melissa

A Few Of My Closest Friends

One of My Closest Friends Is Frank

Frank has been one of my friends since
the first grade. We have had alot of
fun together. He is a great friend to have.
We have done almost everything together.
This is one of the most faithful, honest,
and loyal friends I could ever have.

The next friend is Amanda

Amanda is a very special person to me,
no we're not going out or anything.
We are just very good friends. Which I like.
Even though she can very hyper our
friendship is still there.

The next one is Jeff

I met Jeff through PPSC (Portage Porpoise Swim Club)
when I first joined. When he stopped swimming
I never really saw him till 7th grade, now we are good friends.

The next person is Crystal

Crystal and I began to be friends
at the beginning of the 7th grade when we
found out we were moving into the same subdivision.
This summer we both went to band camp.
I hope our friendship lasts!

Another Friend of mine is Melissa

Melissa and I met in 6th grade.
She asked me to a dance,
well I couldn't go to that one, so I said the next one.
But by that time I was going out with someone, so she got mad at me.
But in 7th grade we made up and are great friends.

The next one is Sara

Sara and I were worst enemies in 6th grade,
we made fun of each other on a daily baises,
but by the end of the year and when yearbook meetings
started we became friends.

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